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Apparatus Issue 6 (2018)

The new Apparatus Issue 6 (2018) has been published:
Women at the Editing Table: Revising Soviet Film History of the 1920s and 1930s

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Neue Nummer (5) von Apparatus erschienen!

Just before the onset of the holiday season the special issue of Apparatus 5 (2017), guest edited by Irina Schulzki and Ana Hedberg Olenina, came out.

Titled "Mise en geste. Studies of Gesture in Cinema and Art", the issue offers a portfolio of historical and theoretical approaches to the study of mediated gesture in cinema, dance, literature, theatre, and visual arts from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, and includes contributions by Oksana Bulgakowa, Eric Rauth, Irina Sirotkina, Ivan Pintor Iranzo, Carlo Comanducci, as well as seven excellent reviews.

We invite you to review the Table of Contents.

From there, you can access the full texts by clicking on "html". All articles and reviews are accompanied by keywords in three languages, and the articles, additionally, by abstracts and translated titles in Russian, English and German. You can choose them by switching the language button (top right).

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Apparatus. Film, Medien und digitale Kulturen in Mittel- und Osteuropa.

From November 2017, ZeM will be co-editor of the digital Open Access journal Apparatus. Film, media and digital cultures in Central and Eastern Europe. This new scientific journal publishes articles, research results and reviews in the fields of film, media and digital cultures with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe in an anonymous peer-review process. The journal sees itself as a forum for communication and international academic exchange. In a time in which the freedom of science is increasingly threatened or curtailed worldwide and anti-academic attitudes are spreading, networking and access to current research are of high value, which must be created and maintained beyond national as well as disciplinary borders. In this way, Apparatus contributes to a democratisation of access to quality-assured publishing and reception of science.

Another declared goal of Apparatus is to counteract an East-West divide and to provide worldwide and free access to current and trend-setting publications in this extremely exciting field of research. In this sense, Apparatus also promotes the inclusion and international visibility of research from and about Central and Eastern Europe. So far, contributions have come from media and film scholars* from Germany, Austria, the USA, Great Britain and France as well as from Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, the Baltic countries, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Apparatus has a trilingual user interface (DE-ENG-RU) with three abstract versions and also publishes articles written in different languages of the region.

Natascha Drubek heads the editorial team together with Adelheid Heftberger and Irina Schulzki. The idea for Apparatus arose in the context of a Heisenberg grant from N. Drubek at the University of Regensburg. For several years, Apparatus has been supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and hosted at Freie Universität Berlin. In its biannual issues, the journal not only publishes text articles, but also articles with film quotes, reviews, and interviews. Audio contributions and audiovisual essays are also planned. These sections will be supplemented by a Vimeo channel on which the apparatus clips will be stored and made accessible.

"Revealing the Invisible: Women and Editing in Central and Eastern European Film: Women and Montage in Central and Eastern European Film") is the current Call for Papers, which looks for diverse debates, historical analyses as well as contemporary works that bring critical perspectives from the respective fields of research. Guest editors: Adelheid Heftberger and Karen Pearlman.